What Is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the process of gathering, transforming, and organising data in order to generate deductions, forecasts, and guide well-informed decisions.
Data analysis and data analytics are sometimes conflated. These words aren’t precisely the same, but they are related. In actuality, data analysis is a branch of data analytics that focuses on gleaning insights from data.

How data analytics is used

Whether they are aware of it or not, individuals utilise data every day and it is present everywhere. Analyzing and interpreting data can be done in everyday activities like weighing coffee beans to prepare your morning cup, checking the weather before determining what to wear, or counting your steps with a fitness tracker.

Data analytics: Key concepts

What transpired is revealed via descriptive analytics.
Diagnostic analysis explains the causes of events.
We can learn from predictive analytics what is most likely to occur in the future.
Prescriptive analytics direct our actions.
People that deal with data analytics will frequently investigate each of these four areas utilising the data analysis process, which entails defining the problem, gathering raw data, cleaning data, analysing data, and deriving conclusions.