If you want to take your side hustle to the next level this year, a great logo design will help you turn your business idea into a profitable enterprise.

This raises the question of how much a logo costs. The cost of a logo can range from $2 to $2500+, with various alternatives in between, depending on whether you design it yourself or hire a graphic designer or agency. Two mid-range possibilities are buying a logo from an online logo creator (beginning at $20) or a design crowdsourcing website (starting at $99).

But the truth is that a slew of factors go into determining how much you’ll pay for a logo design. Here’s what you need to know before deciding on a logo design.

Logo Making Journey

Creating a logo, whether with or without the help of others, is a multi-step process that might include research, brainstorming, sketching, and various design concepts.

That’s why bespoke logo packages can vary significantly in price—from free to a few thousand dollars—as well as the amount of time and work required to complete the task.

Take a step back before we get started to work out how you’ll use that mark across channels and branded applications.

Do you intend to print your logo on business cards and other marketing materials, or will it solely exist digitally? The type of logo file formats and color variations you’ll require will depend on the answer to that question.

Let’s start by distinguishing between two types of image files: raster and vector.



Raster files have a file extension of.jpg,.png, or.gif and are measured in DPI (dots per inch). Because raster images are built on a pixel grid, your logo may get deformed when you modify the image size.


Vector files, On the other hand, anything from an Instagram profile photo to a subway station ad can be stretched to any size without sacrificing quality. They have the file extensions.ai,.eps,.svg, or.pdf and can be accessed, modified, and saved by various programmers.

While a high-resolution raster file can be made to operate, it isn’t optimal for all applications. You’ll need vector files to make sure your logo looks great on all of your marketing materials.

When it comes to color variations, make sure you have bright, dark, and full-color versions of your logo, as well as versions with translucent backgrounds, for your branding needs.

Color exporting options vary as well: RGB is better for digitally displayed logos, while CMYK is best for printed goods (Pantone can work for both).

Is your mind already spinning? Don’t worry, and we’re here to help you figure out how much a logo costs and what each package covers.

Option 1: Do it yourself

If you want to show off your design skills, try creating your logo. However, establishing a consistent design with your brand and can be used across multiple platforms is challenging.

The most significant expense will be your time sketching a logo on paper and selecting the appropriate design software to bring the idea to life.

We want to make you aware that there is a reason why individuals pay for logo design. It’s not easy, especially if you don’t have a design background.

What’s the good news? You’ll have unlimited creative power, and online tutorials will guide you through the process of learning new tools.


The Sketch is only available for Mac OS X, and a one-year license costs $99. Using the vector-based design program, you can export your logo in PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG, and EPS formats. While Sketch is quickly becoming a favorite among designers, it isn’t a tool for print design because logos can’t be exported in printer-friendly CMYK colors.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is the go-to product for vector graphics in the design profession, and it’s designed to interface with other Adobe programs. You can save your work in a variety of digital and print formats. The program is available through an Adobe Creative Cloud membership, which costs $20.99 per month on an annual plan or $31.49 per month on a month-to-month basis.


Vector is a free (but primitive) vector graphics editor that may be downloaded or used online. In-app lessons are available as part of the curriculum. AI, PNG, JPG, and SVG are just a few of the raster and vector formats that can be exported.


The paid subscription to Canva costs CAD 149.00 per year or CAD 12.95 per month. More than 1000 logo templates are available to customize, and you may save your finished work as a JPG, PNG, PDF, or GIF file.

Option 2: Buy and customize a logo template

Pre-made templates let you save time and work when creating a logo from scratch.

Most template logo files are compatible with Adobe Illustrator because you’ll require software to change the design. These shows, once again, require a paid subscription. It takes time to modify the colors and replace the generic text with your company’s name.

These templates can include a branding package as well as social media designs in addition to a logo. Make sure you read the template description to understand what you’re getting, as well as the file formats that are included.

Remember that if you use a template, other people may have a logo that looks quite similar to yours. We don’t want you to spend your hard-earned money on a cliched, unoriginal design!

Creative Market

There are approximately 49,000 logo templates to choose from on Creative Market, with prices ranging from $2 to $500. The majority of the templates cost between $19 and 39 Canadian dollars. This price includes a bundle with two licensing options: standard (for organizations with less than 500 sales) and extended (for enterprises with limitless sales). The extended license will set you back three times the quoted price.

Adobe Spark

On Adobe Spark, you’ll find hundreds of logo templates that are advertised as free. The hitch is that you’ll have to pay $9.99 per month for Adobe Spark software to modify them. Adobe Spark aims towards people with a strong design sense and wants more control over their flyers, social media visuals, and even films.

Graphic River

Graphic River has almost 58,000 templates, with low-cost layouts starting at around $10. High-end bundles that can cost upwards of $200. The majority of the non-exclusive logo packages on this site range from $30 to $50 and include vector-based graphics.

Option 3: Use an online logo maker

Logo makers may be the most cost-effective solution on the market because they do not require purchasing or using design software. Some websites don’t charge anything to utilize the service; you have to pay to download the logo files.

Using basic information about your firm and design preferences, and online logo builder (like Looka’s!) can generate hundreds of logo variations, which you can then modify and adjust.

But beware: although while logo producers are inexpensive, the quality of their work might vary considerably. While there are freebies available, a premium provider is more likely to provide you with the correct files you need to utilize your logo confidently. Plus, if you choose a paid alternative, you’ll almost certainly get more customer help if you have any questions.

Look comes into this category, with a basic PNG logo package costing $20 and a high-resolution logo package costing $65, including PNG, EPS, SVG, and PDF files (more pricing info here).

A membership to the Brand Kit, which includes hundreds of templates for branded flyers, invoices, business cards, and social media images, is also available. Create the style you want in seconds and use these designs to sell your brand effectively.

Option 4: Crowdsource the design

Consider it a contest: you upload a thorough logo brief to a community of designers, along with the fee you’re ready to pay for a design. Freelancers can then submit their original plans for consideration.

When a design is complete, the designer will email your logo in a variety of file formats so you can start your business.


99designs holds contests that last seven days and are divided into two rounds: qualifying and final. Before selecting a winner, you have the opportunity to provide input to designers and have up to two weeks to study the final submitted designs.

Four distinct logo packages are available, ranging in price from $399 to $1699. The most expensive option is only available to “top-level” designers. You must pay for your design contest in advance (before you get any logo files). It does, however, come with a money-back guarantee.

Design Crowd

On Design Crowd, you may set a three-, five-, or ten-day deadline for your design contest and include a specific design brief. You can expect to receive up to 50 designs from a couple of designers if you launch a competition for $129. A money-back guarantee is also available.

Design Hill

The cost of crowdsourcing a logo through Design Hill is $249. If you want to attract the attention of elite designers, you might set a bigger budget. You can customize the contest duration to meet your demands, but you must pay the fee upfront.

Option 5: Hire a freelance logo designer

By hiring a freelancer, you’ll be able to collaborate with a professional to produce a professional logo design. Several notions will come to fruition. Depending on the designer’s skill, a new logo might cost anywhere from $250 to $2,500. When looking for a freelancer, consider how much experience they have and how they bill (hourly vs. by project).

Although a freelancer with less experience will usually find it priceless, you may not get the seamless process you desire.

There are online communities of designers that you may seek out through various channels to locate one that matches your needs. But keep in mind that this will take some time!


Despite having a free basic membership, Dribble charges $299 per month for a basic designer search package or $199 per month for a basic designer search package.

You can specify how much you’re willing to pay, the type of work you’re looking for, and the amount of experience you’re looking for using the platform. Designers set their hourly charges, anywhere between $15 and $200 per hour, depending on their experience.


Fiverr lets you choose the style, file type, price range, and design deadline. After that, you’ll have to pay a designer upfront for their services. The cost is usually between $25 to $150 per hour (subject to your currency). Fiverr offers three packages: basic, standard, and premium, each with its design and file download choices. Packages for a single, simple logo design typically vary from $50 to $100.


Most designers will charge between $10 and $200 per hour on the world’s largest freelance exchange. A basic account is free, except for a 3% transaction fee.

Upwork handpicks freelancers for a flat charge of $500 plus a 20% transaction fee if you upgrade to a Pro account. Upwork also lets you put your money in escrow, which means designers must finish the assignment to get paid.

Option 6: Hire a logo design agency

The most expensive logo option is to pay a company to design it for you.

A logo design can cost as much as $2,500, with some agencies charging as much as $5,000 to $10,000. For someone looking to integrate a side hustle into their 9-to-5, this can be prohibitively expensive.


Here are some things to consider while choosing an agency:

  • The deposit: Before an agency begins work on a logo design, expect to pay up to 50% of the total cost.
  • The contract: You will not be required to sign a contract by all agencies. If you do, you’ll be legally liable for the entire price after the service is finished.
  • The time: An agency with a design team can take their time creating your logo. Expect to wait at least a week before seeing any mockups.

Extra costs to consider

After your logo is finalized, consider customizing social media and business cards to complete your company’s visual identity. Setting up brand standards and registering a trademark could also be on your to-do list.

These fees can mount up rapidly, so keep them in mind when choosing (and budgeting for).

Choosing the right option

A logo is the starting point for establishing your brand identification, even if you’re starting.

Consider how you’ll promote your business online and offline once you’ve come up with a concept. Then find out what price range for a logo design package will work best for you.

If you have some editing skills, you may consider developing a logo or altering a template for under $100. An online logo builder is a cost-effective option for logo design. If you don’t want to spend money on design tools but still want to be in charge of the process, this could be your best option!

Do you have more money to spend? If it sounds like a good fit, you can use design crowdsourcing or employ a freelance designer or agency.

We wish you the best of luck in your logo-making endeavors, regardless of which choice you choose!