The Discovery Phase

The goal of the discovery phase is to document needs at a detailed level from the viewpoints of commercial, creative, and technical stakeholders. What do you want your website to do? is the fundamental question that the Discovery Phase seeks to answer. In a perfect world, a business case that has been created and accepted can serve as a roadmap for the whole Discovery Phase.

Kicking Off the Project

Conducting a formal start meeting is crucial. The agenda should outline who will be present, the themes that will be covered, and the expected course of action. Project managers and other chosen business, marketing, and technology stakeholders who can address the issues of the business are typically present at project start meetings.

Developing a Project Plan

The project manager should create a basic project plan that details the work activity tasks, dependencies, resources, and dates for the various project aspects after the team members’ specific responsibilities have been established.

Gathering Business Requirements

The majority of initiatives lack well specified specific business, user experience, and technological requirements. Each website component should be further defined through a series of business stakeholder interviews to make sure you have a complete understanding of the requirements.

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